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Point-and-shoot 3D scanning can get your products to the finish line faster

Where a split second can make the difference between victory and defeat, optimal aerodynamics and ergonomics are vital to success. That is why high performance brands like KTM and Airstreeem use the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to fine tune aerodynamics of their racing machines – with the rider on the vehicle.

Conventional scanners fail at accurately scanning riders due to their small movements during the scanning process. For this purpose we use a new handheld point-and-shoot scanning technology that allows us to scan bike and rider in just two to three minutes. Recognising patterns, surface textures and material structures, our handheld scanner generates a detailed 3D surface model with accuracy up to 0.1 mm. The software compensates for small movements of the rider, producing dimensionally accurate data.

In the case of Airstreeem, the 3D data produced by KISKA was analysed by engineers at our partner studio KTM-Technologies using CFD. With this new, fast scanning technology Airstreeem can optimise the aerodynamics and ergonomics of its racing bikes, getting Michi and Dani Herlbauer, “Austria’s Triathlon Couple,” to the finish line faster. Without ever visiting a wind tunnel.

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