This future concept satisfies sailors who want both speed and luxury

The world of sailing is focussed on either luxury lifestyle or performance. So, when master’s design student Simon Bildstein discovered a niche market at the centre of the performance and luxury lifestyle sailing markets, he decided to explore a new kind of sailing experience for his final thesis. A national sailing champion himself, Simon combined his passion and his calling to create a product that would satisfy a real desire.

That’s exactly the kind of speculative projects we get excited about at KISKA. We mentor thesis projects like Vision Future Sailing, because we know supporting young design talent is important. Additionally, these kinds of projects are ideal platforms from which people inside and outside of the studio can exchange ideas, knowledge, skills and insights about trends, markets and industries.

In the case of Vision Future Sailing, Simon brought his sailing experience and know-how to KISKA. Conversely, our yacht design experts, like account manager Christopher Glonig, supported Simon as he evolved his original sketches into a clear-sighted concept. We also provided the creative space and tools needed to physically build Vision Future Sailing.

The final result is a dramatic weekender catamaran concept that’s been successfully presented at several high profile sailing events. Vision Future Sailing combines the performance and dynamic appearance of a racing catamaran with the exclusive interior design features expected in a yacht. Vision Future Sailing may indeed be visionary, however it’s a realistic design built for function and comfort – precisely the kind of vessel needed to capture the imagination of a new kind of weekend sailor.

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