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One lunch here proves that creativity knows no bounds

The work lunch has fallen on hard times. Gulping down a soggy store-bought sandwich while working has become the norm. We know that’s no way to live though.

That’s why lunch here is different: a big production with plenty of international flavour. With 250 people from 35 nations under one roof it’s no surprise to see a savoury curry bubbling away next to a delicate omelet, or sizzling fajita fixings. Food truck treats and bakery delicacies (Weißwurst!) also make regular appearances.

Luckily, we’ve got the professionally equipped kitchen to handle the traffic. And we mean professional. Our stainless steel kitchen is rigged with two restaurant-grade refrigerators, an induction range, enough dishware and cutlery for a small army and two industrial dishwashers to clean the whole thing up.

But, perhaps the most exciting evolution in our food culture is the development of the KISKA Lunch Club. Churning out what can only be described as “gourmet” lunches once a week, it has become so popular they actually have to rotate members.

“In the middle of a crazy day you remember why you work here: the people and the place,” says founding member (and content manager) Sandra.