Get to know everyone in your studio with the K-Ball

Let’s be honest, you don’t know everyone in your growing studio.

You’re busy. You know and love your crew, but everyone else? Not so much. It’s not ideal, but it happens. So, we took a “serious” step to tackle the challenge of silo operations: inventing the K-Ball.

You can’t talk about the K-Ball without talking about KISKA Connects. Based on figuring out commonplace office “problems” with outside-of-the-box solutions, it’s made up of five people from across the studio drawn from a pool of people who’ve signed up to take part.


Driven by Mel, our manager of connected products and services, the group takes on a new challenge and a new project every five weeks. The first project: a simple box that glowed green or red, indicating if you are zone and would rather not be disturbed, or are available.

The second KISKA Connects group was tasked with solving the issue of the department disconnection that can be common in any growing office space. KISKA’s grown plenty in the last few years and the team wanted to combat the ever-increasing refrain:


“Who the h#%* are they?”

Made up of graphic designers, a digital account manager and a product manager, the group’s solution was deceivingly simple.

A “Magic 8 Ball” was modelled and then programmed to randomly select team members and an activity when you turn it over in your hands. “Owned” by HR, every morning it is passed on from participant to participant and everyone in the studio is included. Even Gerald.


Who loves enforced inter-office hangouts? No one!

However, the K-Ball’s lunchtime activities have a knack for bringing together people from across the studios in cool ways that leave everyone at ease and having a good time.

Social butterfly?

Great. Be a part of the hangouts.

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