Catching the perfect wave in our alpine playground

Swell is good in Salzburg city.

The Austrian Alps are known for great skiing in winter and superb hiking in the summer. So, you wouldn’t expect to find a surfer community and Miami Beach vibes deep in the mountain range would you? But, Salzburg city managed just that, paving a riverwave in the Almkanal in 2010. Since then, city surfers have been schlepping their surfboards through the city centre to get to the good stuff. The best part? It’s just 10 minutes away from our studio.

Surfer vibes at KISKA HQ.

The “project” kind of ran itself. More of the KISKA team used their lunchtimes to visit the riverwave. The surfer vibes and good times spread, so we teamed up with local shaper Willi from WUUX to design a KISKA board…and create one more cool reason to socialise.

When you suddenly want to shape a surfboard…

...expertise in design and prototyping comes in handy! The custom wooden veneer construction isn’t just eye candy. It makes the board super durable. Perfect for riding a citywave with rocks and concrete sidewalls. It was pretty challenging to make the design the real thing, but the long nights spent in the workshop were long forgotten when we saw the final result.

Thinking in terms of resources. Human resources.

Surfboards, like positive interactions, should be shaped by people. A cool working atmosphere and a balanced work life are key in the creative industry. By getting people pumped for recreation within KISKA a win-win situation is created for everyone – our team, our company and our clients. And, to be honest, who doesn’t love surfing?

Like work-life balance? We do too.

Cool. So, drop us a line.

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