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Leading an icon into the future.

Building on a 125-year history of quality products - and trust.

MAGURA’s status as a manufacturer of performance components has remained virtually unchallenged for decades thanks to their exceptional product and technology quality. Capitalising on experience making motorcycle components, MAGURA transitioned to bicycles and e-bikes. Making products like brakes that handle extreme forces, MAGURA’s exceptionally engineered products gained renown. Soon enough, it was time for MAGURA – the brand - to gain as much renown as its products.

Success isn´t just about products. It’s about the brand.

Technology was always MAGURA’s business driver - even in the 1970s when a number of products became icons due to outstanding performance and aesthetics. 

Though MAGURA continued to make great strides in component innovation, without a clear brand presence, awareness waned. To prepare for the future, MAGURA had to transform from a technology-driven business into a brand-driven one. Here, KISKA’s journey to becoming MAGURA’s strategic lead agency began. We were originally sought out as a designer, but MAGURA soon realised that we could help their business become a brand.

Creating a comeback and building a lasting presence through self-discovery (and a change of mindset).

A MAGURA comeback started by analysing the brand, market and megatrends. The knowledge armed us for interviews with experts, insiders, dealers and riders. Through their perceptions, MAGURA’s position and potential was clear: they could challenge industry leaders and occupy e-mobility by evolving from a technology-driven company to a brand-driven one. From this point, what MAGURA stands for was defined: Performance Components. With this clarity, we created a product strategy that guided immediate component development and elevated MAGURA’s future challenger status.

Designing a 360° impact, from the inside out.

Ensuring long term success, we had to ensure that everyone – in and outside of MAGURA – became believers in the new brand. The strategy had two phases. First we held an internal brand rollout at MAGURA to ensure employees loved and lived their brand. Then a new communication concept was launched at the Eurobike tradeshow. Here, our hands-on work on MAGURA’s new look could be seen in the brand design, in the communication tools, and in the emotional and factual storytelling.

“MAGURA reclaiming its leader status is a central factor for our future strategy and success.”

Ralph Berndt | MAGENWIRTH Technologies Group CFO


Not only did Mountain Bike Magazine readers vote MAGURA “Comeback of the Year”, their market share and awareness amongst riders, dealers and bicycle manufacturers increased sharply. The first product launched from our partnership, the BOLTRON Upside-Down Fork, won a 2017 iF Product Design Award.


Analysing the brand, market and user needs, KISKA gets a clear picture of MAGURA’s position. Together, work begins to set a plan for the future of the business.



KISKA gets the green light to start strategic product planning. A two-phase communication concept ensures MAGURA employees are on-board with the new brand position and publicly launches the new visual identity.


The brand strategy process redefines MAGURA’s promise, core values and claim. From this foundation, strategic product management, communication strategy and design can begin.



KISKA is MAGURA’s strategic lead agency. We’re designing the next generation of MAGURA components, as well as refining the brand, managing marketing and extending the e-bike product portfolio. 


As our strategic lead agency KISKA has the business vision and hands-on design approach to lead us into the future.

Michael Funk I MAGURA Director

Create a comeback.

Give your brand the 360˚treatment.

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