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I am working within my passion. Coming to work with a smile and having all those creative minds around me is really something everyone should experience.
Anna, senior apparel designer

Sports and casual wear is about more than functionality. High fashion permeates all areas of apparel today, so it’s more critical than ever that brands’ clothing and accessories look as good as they work. By skillfully managing the fine balance between the fashion and functional elements of a garment, the final product will deliver special brand experiences to wearers.

On a daily basis you’ll make use of your passion for sports and your design background to create differentiated and on-brand apparel collections. You will be involved in the entire process of garment design, including developing concepts, new cuts and production data, working with suppliers and presenting finished products.

To join our apparel team, you’ll need:

  • To demonstrate that throughout your education and design career (of at least two years) that you’ve not only evolved in terms of experience, but style as well.
  • The know-how to develop functional sports gear, as well as a passion for action and outdoor sports.
  • An open mind, as well as a willingness to work across different creative fields to challenge status-quo ideas.
  • Fluency in English, though German skills are a plus. As such, your application can be submitted in German or English.
  • To include a cover letter and resume in your application.

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