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This is a story about immersion.

Designing for the real meaning of “Quality of Life”.

The designs that make a real difference in people’s lives are the ones created when the studio and client work in tandem. The Genium Protector was built from the ground up in close partnership with Ottobock and Pohlig. In no other area of design has there been a more sincere intention on the part of the designer to make a difference.

“Losing a leg is life changing. But wearing the right prosthesis is as well.”

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Can you think of a product with a more personal connection to the user?

Wearing an item in lieu of a body part, rather than on it, is a deeply personal experience. Trust in a brand can be won or lost in even the most minute of details. So, if a prosthesis replaces a body part, it should replicate its appearance, right?  Not necessarily.

The GENIUM Protector adds form and function to a prosthetic knee.

Made up of a shin component and innovative foot cuff, it is designed to protect against daily wear and tear. By swapping out the protector’s changeable inserts people can individualise their own prosthesis. One of these people is Mathias Hofman.

Redefining Ottobock's design DNA for the healthcare sector of prosthetics.

It’s about more than designing products. Meaningful designs are rooted in personal stories.

In this new life, Mathias Hofman has become a prosthetics expert and KISKA ambassador: “Savvy users require products that are tailored to their specific needs, lifestyle and tastes. The next evolution of prostheses is self-learning products that adapt on-the-fly to the user’s style, surroundings, activities and physical situations.”

Empathise with us.

Let’s create meaningful impact.