A story about seeking out what's special in moments.

Have you ever thought about the pleasure encountered when reading a great book? The moments when you can fully concentrate on the story, imagining the characters as if they were real?

Wonderful! That means you have had the pleasure of experiencing a well-designed product. However, in what way specifically is this book well-designed? You haven't noticed that it is a book at all. It simply is. 

Binoculars are a marvel

The beauty of binoculars lies in their intuitive ability to make life happening far away seem like moments happening here. So, KISKA set out to create a truly well designed product – one that took the innate qualities of what binoculars can do and accentuated them through form, line and material.

When it rains, it pours and when your binoculars slip out of your hands you may have to kiss them goodbye. But not your memories.

While maintaining the utmost precision and subtle stylistic detail, ZEISS binoculars are still a tool. Premium packaging and high-quality materials are what set them apart in the field.

The purity of ZEISS binocular design means you focus fully on that special moment.

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And, it doesn’t end with binoculars. In fact, the entire product range was crafted with clarity and precision in mind: binoculars, range finders and scopes.


Our designers underlined these characteristics by giving them an unobtrusive design language. One that allows you to adjust and fine-tune the device for the time of your life.


What do you
focus on?

Let's concentrate on your moments.