Husqvarna Motorcycles

New segment. New century. Always a pioneer.

A new gateway to motorcycle culture.

Once a pioneer, always a pioneer - and Husqvarna has a vision. Blending innovation and heritage, the brand is creating a fresh riding experience for urban and style-driven buyers. Husqvarna Motorcycles is a Swedish off-road motorcycle institution. It built its first motorcycle in 1903 and its renown for class leading products continues to this day. Including the iconic Silverpilen. Launched in the 1950s, it's the brand's first serial production off-road competition motorcycle.

A partnership with KTM in 2013 however, allowed Husqvarna Motorcycles to evolve its off-road roots. It's preparing for tomorrow's lifestyle-driven motorcycle culture.

“An entry-level Swedish motorcycle aims to be your first love.”

Hannah Elliott I Bloomberg

Inspired by the past. Always looking forward. 

Research and analysis found new market potential. Urban, millennial and style driven, this group is forward-thinking and exploratory. A tribe of individuals, the persona is characterised by the need for relationships and belonging. Their unique interests however, set them apart from the mainstream. Brands that match their values are most desirable. Reinventing the brand and positioning its products prepared Husqvarna Motorcycles for these new riders. Reinterpreting Swedish motocross heritage for city living evolves the claim “PIONEERING SINCE 1903”. With brand values of “PIONEERING, PREMIUM, and SWEDISH ROOTS,” the spirit of the past is present, but innovation and future-thinking are highlighted.


Invigorated, Husqvarna Motorcycles offers a genuine motorcycle lifestyle for all.

Industrial sculpture.

Rich heritage and new markets deserve more than retro solutions. Translating Husqvarna Motorcycles’ legacy for the future, designers created a collection of modern classics.
Engine, tank, frame and wheels, Scandinavian design is the landmark for Husqvarna Motorcycles’ form and function. Featuring contemporary lines and distinct shapes, minimalism is expressed through practical innovations. Stripped of unnecessary fairings and gadgets, the bikes often include subtle flourishes. Narrow and light, the ergonomic layouts make riding an intuitive and agile experience.


In short, the design does the job.

Designing “Simple. Progressive.”

Confident, understated and cool. An interdisciplinary design team elevated Husqvarna’s values into a distinct street range identity that complements the brand’s off-road communication. At home in a design boutique. the focus of the Husqvarna’s street range communication is white space. Inspired by the Swedish flag, blue and yellow are subtle accent colours in editorial layouts. From brochures to POS, materials are tactile and high-quality. Apparel collections are sleek and leather-heavy, with future-forward tailoring and detail.

“Scandinavian design and a
rewarding ride is a smart move (...).”

George Chapman I Wallpaper

A culture at a crossroads. 

Motorcycles evoke ideas of a particular lifestyle. Free-spirited, straightforward, liberated and tribal. A little rebellious too. But these timeless archetypes are lost today. With a revamped brand experience at all touchpoints, Husqvarna is recapturing imaginations of what the lifestyle was. And could be. The approach is working. The brand has had record sales since 2014. 

From the urban coffee houses of North America to the teeming city streets of India, Husqvarna is expressing a genuine lifestyle that more people connect with.

Pioneer with us.